November 08, 2008

linux 開機不會跑 rc.local

* runlevel
* under rc{runlevel}.d/, make symbolic link(S99local) to rc.local

November 07, 2008

Bang! 11/7

兩輪都是Outlaw,第一輪能力卡是Pixie Pete,沒有什麼問題,第二輪是Slab the Killer,有一些不確定的 :p

Q2. How can a player with a Barrel in play avoid a shot from Slab the Killer?
A. First of all, he has to “draw!”: if he doesn’t reveals a Heart card, he must play two Missed! Cards in order to avoid the shot, otherwise, he will need only one Missed! card. He cannot “draw!” two times.

Barrel 的用法,好像沒有硬性規定

然後關於Molly Stark (Each time she uses a card from her hand out of turn, she draws a card.),其實是不在他的回合的時候只要她用了一張卡就可以抽一張!終於懂了 XD

D9. If Tequila Joe is killed and he has a Beer in hand, how many life points he gains?
R. If Tequila Joe suffers one life point only, it goes to 2 life points. However, if he is being eliminated by means of a Dynamite, you have to sum up all lost life points and gained life points to see if (and how) he survives. For example, if he was at 1 life point and the Dynamite explodes,
Tequila Joe would go to -2 life points, so he will need two Beer cards to save his life (in this
case, he will go to -2 + 4 = 2 life points).

Bang! 規則備忘

每次玩都有些不太確定的規則,所以就玩完以後查一下 FAQ 然後貼上來備忘,反正也沒文章 :p

FAQ 網址:
wikipedia (有牌名跟說明):!

發現還有這個規則 (from wikipedia)
Any player eliminating an Outlaw (even if the eliminating player is himself an Outlaw!) must draw a reward of 3 cards from the deck.

Some cards require a "draw!": this means that you have to reveal the first card of the deck and check the card suit and value shown on the lower left corner. For example, you may escape from the Jail only if you successfully "draw!" a Heart card.